6 Ways Product Knowledge Can Improve Sales Success

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The more you know, the better you sell

Clear and accurate product knowledge is an important sales skill. It is integral for sales personnel to understand the product they are selling and its features. Customers will respond better to a sales pitch when they trust that the person they are speaking with has accurate information. A conversation with a customer can also flow better when sales representatives have this prerequisite knowledge about the product.

Product knowledge

This survey indicates that 89% of customers become frustrated when questions about a product need to be repeated to multiple representatives. In this way, product training can alleviate frustration for both sales personnel as well as customers.

There are several facets to effective Product knowledge:

  • Training for product and service knowledge
  • Training to discern the challenges faced by clients’ and prospects’
  • Developing an ability to map solutions to challenges during a conversation

Previously, we have explored how product knowledge can drive business goals and how to develop and deploy effective product knowledge training.

In this blog post, we explore six ways by which product knowledge can directly influence sales success.

Product knowledge builds confidence

Sales personnel should possess fluent knowledge of the product and service that they are selling. Product knowledge training imparts the skills and knowledge necessary to help your sales associates communicate concepts and ideas clearly during customer interactions. Product knowledge can also help sales personnel deal with any difficult questions that customers may have about the product.

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Improved confidence is a substantial benefit to product knowledge training for both customers and employees. For your employees, it helps them add value to the conversation with a customer. For your customers, it helps them to learn exactly how they can make the most of a product or service, potentially leading to better product adoption. 

Product Training empowers your sales personnel to exceed customer expectations and handle a sales conversation with ease.

Product knowledge builds enthusiasm

Enthusiastic salespeople are better at sales. Effective product knowledge training can make sales personnel more enthusiastic about what they are selling. Learning the intricacies of a product or service makes it easier to build enthusiasm in both the customer as well as the salesperson. When the benefits of a product or service are clear, salespeople are more likely to find it easier to convince customers and close deals. Passionate salespeople hit their sales targets more often than those with poor knowledge and enthusiasm.

Train sales teams to be knowledge experts in their domain. This lets sales personnel lead great sales conversations with prospects and equips them to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way.

Product knowledge can counteract customer objections

Objections that are raised by customers are often unanswered questions. Often, objections that are handled correctly can pave the way for a successful sale. When a customer presents an objection, they may lack product knowledge that explains why your product or service is best suited for them. Product knowledge training keeps your sales personnel prepared for these circumstances. Competent and accurate product knowledge allows salespeople to easily counter objections.

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Refresher training helps ensures that your sales teams have the latest information about a product or service. If objections and questions are being raised about a particular product feature, modules can be developed and added to the curriculum to effectively address those questions.

Product knowledge helps understand the competition better

The internet’s vast repository of knowledge has created a more educated consumer base. Sales representatives with insubstantial product knowledge will hurt your sales. Product knowledge is an asset and will allow your sales teams to stay ahead of the competition. Customers are highly interested in how a salesperson explains the products and how they can aid in making the purchase. Often, how well-trained salespeople are can be the difference between a successful sale and a failed sale. Therefore, your company must invest in proper product knowledge training for employees.

Product knowledge builds trust with customers

Building customer trust is critical in any industry. Customers have to trust the product and the company before they make a purchase. The first point of contact for a customer to enable this is often sales personnel. Product knowledge training for sales teams ensures they provide customers with the most accurate information about the products and services they are considering. Competent and knowledgeable sales teams make a more polished sales pitch, which in turn leads to building trust with customers and can earn their loyalty to the company.

Product training to update your sales team on new product lines

In a survey, the Sales Management Association found that 8 out of 10 companies have introduced a new product or service in the past year. The survey also finds that 70% of businesses pursued new markets or verticals and 61% made significant changes to their key value proposition. 

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Today’s businesses evolve rapidly to keep up with the changing market. Product Training helps give sales representatives the tools and the knowledge to stay abreast of the latest developments in the market.

Create the Ideal Customer Experience

The ideal customer journey begins with the first interaction between a customer and a company’s representative. Product Knowledge training can ensure a smooth and seamless transition from a prospective customer to a loyal customer. This is perhaps why improving customer experiences has become a major component of corporate strategy. There is no doubt that companies that create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors. This is exemplified by real-world examples such as Amazon, Inc. that prides itself on putting the customer first.

By creating an effective and scalable product knowledge training program, you can ensure that your sales teams have the right tools to consistently hit sales targets. But the benefits of having a well-training sales team goes far beyond just sales. It enables you to provide a great customer experience that can lead to increased customer loyalty.

Origin Learning excels in creating great learning experiences that can help your sales teams sell better. To find out more about how product training can help your enterprise, get in touch with us at info@originlearning.com.


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