Will the ‘Sound of Silence’ create new paths in learning?

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Think of Simon Garfunkel and the enchanting music of ‘Sound of Silence’ compel you to break into a song. The availability of digital bandwidth makes a historical dive possible as it throws light on the ‘culturally, historically, or aesthetically important’ song album. The language of silence added a ‘groovy’ and positive tone to darkness, with the lyrical format leaving music lovers everywhere delirious.

Will-the-Sound-of-Silence-create-new-paths-in-learning-Tk-2016The American music duo that created the song in the sixties went through a roller-coaster ride that saw them breaking up because of tepid response to the market release but later re-uniting to taste the success of their renditions. It went on to become a top ten hit in multiple countries, which included Australia, Austria, West Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, and the UK. Songs from the album including the title have created a fan following that has grown more and more with each passing generation including the millennials!

But what then what does this have to do with the world of learning? Compliance! The word that has an authoritative ring to it is a reality that is often meted out a step-motherly treatment in many organizations. It’s a word that one can’t be silent about. Compliance is the ‘hush hush’ rigor of security that keeps the checks and balances imperative and operative for successful enterprises and businesses globally.

Recognized for their unique and innovative music, this particular folk-based piece (where the original line from ‘Aloha’ darkness my old friend got changed to ‘Hello darkness, my old friend. The change appealed to the audience making it popular across generations) was adapted for use in multiple ways – movies to TV series. Half-a-century later, in 2015, who could have imagined that a company would communicate a serious subject like compliance using this tune and genre of music to convey the message to its stakeholders? It does not stop there. The created piece is then popularized by leveraging technology and social media – LinkedIn, YouTube and so on! What does this indicate? Is it blended learning or social learning? How would you classify the use of audio, video, and social media in the context of learning?

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Therefore, a few questions that arise are: Can learning get a ‘cool’ tag? Can learning ‘hook’ people? Can learning bring together ‘young minds’ (read millennials) at work to imbibe the culture of learning? Learning is now operating in an environment where the thrust is on how to leverage hardware and software to make them both relevant to the learners. What if there are indeed innovative ways and out-of-the-box thinking that can make the next L.E.A.P possible!  The acronym is an attempt to address the questions – how would it be to make learning Likeable enough to Engage a diverse workforce and back it up with Actionable analytics with a People-centric approach. Therefore, how does one really explore the ‘social’ dimension of learning? What is the Power of Collective Intelligence? Can learning be Progressive? Can learning be Perceptive? Can learning get Predictive? Get cues, hints and more through our blog posts and communications in preparation for the Las Vegas ATD TechKnowledge conference scheduled between January 13 and 15…log on to http://originlearning.com/ for more details on ATD TechKnowledge 2016.

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 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKsdMenonLw (Compliance, Sound of Silence)



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