Why do learners want to learn on the mobile?

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mLearning is on the rise and will be. The reason? Well, ask your employees and you’ll know the issues they face while trying to complete those extra hours of formal classroom sessions which they could have easily read about on their own. While instructor-led training is important when it comes to imparting critical skills, there are many little pieces of information that your employees need to be aware of, and which are unnecessary to be addressed in formal sessions or even eLearning. Here, we have compiled the top four reasons of why learners want to learn on their mobiles:

Mobile Learning - Why Learners want to learn on the mobile
Mobile Learning – Why Learners want to learn on the mobile

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4 things you didn’t know about Mobile Learning

  • Two-thirds of the learners are already on Smartphone’s – Spearheaded by technological innovation that has brought high-end devices at competitive prices, the Smartphone-mania is here to stay. People see Smartphone’s as an integral, inseparable part of their lives. Marketing research organization eMarketer projects the total number of Smartphone users worldwide to touch 1.75 billion by the end of 2014, which is also because of the affordable 3G and 4G networks available. (http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Smartphone-Users-Worldwide-Will-Total-175-Billion-2014/1010536) mLearning is perceived to be the handiest medium of gaining knowledge because of the ease with which it can adjust to work routines. In your organization too, two-thirds of the employees are already on Smartphone’s. Why not convert those Smartphone owners to Smartphone learners?
  • Mobile devices provide a level of flexibility not seen or felt before – Everything is just on the palm of your hand! You started a course on your laptop which is yet to be completed. Every morning you take the metro train to work or spend a lot of time traveling for meetings on your day job. You use that unproductive idle time to access the same course on your mobile screen instead of having to carry or start your laptop in the middle of traveling. In the process, you also save those extra hours you’d have to put in when you get back to your desk to complete that course.
  • Learning takes place without the hassles of the ‘preamble’ to start learning– One of the psychological barriers to learning is the ‘preface’ to the ‘process’ of learning. Learning is typically perceived as uninteresting because of the conventional set of procedures and resources it uses. mLearning effectively counters this problem by making learning seem like an everyday activity for recreation or self-development by providing users with tit-bits of information that do not clutter their minds, while keeping them updated about crucial job-related information.
  • Learning is more contextual and heuristic because learners are on the move– The Product Manager that your HR team just hired, made a good use of his time while commuting to your office for interview by visiting your company website and portfolio on the way. That is the penetration of mLearning already! People ARE already using mobile phones to catch information whenever they can, about whatever they want. The only crucial task that you as an organization need to do is design the right content based on the needs of your employees and presents it on a mLearning platform in a way that makes learners hungry for more information.

Your employees are mobile all the time, it’s high time their learning went mobile too!

Mobile Learning case study

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