What drives Social Media Learning?

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Knowledge economy may provide information aplenty but equally challenging is the skill gaps especially given the resource crunch that organizations are facing everywhere. How can the new generation of workers be managed, with their shortening attention span? The needs and demands are increasingly becoming difficult to understand.How to funnel the energies of millennials entering the workforce? What are the ways of leveraging technology in an environment where experience is hands-on? How do enterprises make the work atmosphere vibrant, fun, and engaging? Diverse culture, multiple locations, and a globalized workforce are causing businesses to re-think their learning strategies. Then, why not look at ways of making “formal” learning happen in the most informal environment as well? Isn’t sparking the right conversations proving critical for organizations keen on having an effective and engaging workforce? Can chunk-sized learning work? Can a formal, regulated, and structured framework be given to social learning?

What drives Social Media Learning

It is the “intimacy” and “immediacy” aspects of social media that is prodding small, medium, and big enterprises to evaluate the option of implementing social learning solutions. Users are connected by more than one type of relationship today – as sweeping changes are dictating the world of business. Work is no longer confined to cubicles and office spaces. It has not only become seamless but also an integral part of our lives. That’s what the smart technologies have managed to do.

So, technology, tools, and virtual connectivity have made it possible for concepts such as“work from home”,“anywhere, anytime”, “bring your own device”, “mobile” and a host of other options popular. How about using the trending technology (virtual reality) in the context of learning and development? What if the platform facilitates easy access, exchange, and distribution of learning content? What if the learning platform can track, predict, and analyze a learner’s behavior?

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