Using Virtual Instructor-Led Training to Foster Employee Learning and Boost Employee Performance

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Traditionally companies have relied on instructor-led training programs to train their employees. We have seen the growth of microlearning, video-based learning, and self-paced programs for employee learning. Equally important is the use of traditional ILT for employee learning. In the current scenario, where the pandemic has completely changed the way organizations function and training is deployed; traditional ILTs are no longer the ideal training solution. So how have companies reinvented their training processes and ensured that employee learning continues unabated? This blog post will look at how virtual instructor-led training programs have come to the rescue of business leaders and L&D teams.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training for Employee Learning

Understanding the Challenges Caused by the Pandemic

Till 2019, L&D leaders and business leaders organized the training calendars for their employees based on the availability of trainers and the concerned learners/employees. Then training sessions were conducted on mutually convenient dates. By March of 2020, when everyone realized the true impact of the pandemic that had been unleashed;  organizations realized that they needed a long-term business continuity plan. Not just core processes and services, even employee training had to be reimagined as “work from home” became the new reality. But was such a massive transformation of training content possible overnight? No, it was not. Organizations invested in re-purposing their existing ILTs and turning them into different formats of eLearning. Where feasible, companies used in-house talent to convert ILT into different forms of eLearning content. Other organizations got in touch with vendors who could help them with course conversion.

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Virtual Instructor-Led Training as a Sustainable Learning Solution

In our previous blog post, we examined this topic in detail and showed examples and use-cases of how virtual instructor-led training programs could help companies meet their training needs. We looked at use-cases focused on employee induction, English Language Training or ELT, and compliance training. 

VILT solutions can address several L&D challenges. What one needs to remember that they cannot be used in isolation and they cannot function as a one-shot solution to meet all training needs. Judicious use of VILT and re-purposing existing ILT programs into smaller learning units like interactive videos, microlearning nuggets, even podcasts, self-paced eLearning, and time-bound assessments can help companies train their employees and boost their performance.

Lessons from the 2021 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report

LinkedIn Learning’s Fifth Annual Workplace Learning Report has an interesting sub-title – Skill Building in the New World of Work. This conveys the seriousness of what employees and learners around the world are undergoing and how we have to brace ourselves for a long and “different” mode of working and learning. 

Summarizing some of the key findings from the report that have a significant impact on how L&D has had to re-invent itself to remain relevant and help employees and companies meet their training and recruitment needs.

Upskilling and reskilling is the top priority for L&D pros globally.

This effectively means that L&D teams are getting more funds to foster learning.

51%of L&D pros say that internal mobility is more of a priority now than before COVID-19.

The focus is on finding employees within the organization and training them adequately to fill vacancies; instead of following the traditional external hiring process.


Learning together increases engagement.

This has an added impact now in socially distanced times as learners seek to connect online and learn together in a digital environment. Social learning is seeing a massive push.

Less ILT  and more online learning.

Companies around the world have gone fully remote or working in a hybrid model with bare minimum staff in offices and the remaining working from home. In such a scenario, learning has also gone hybrid with blended learning.

Companies are using a mix of VILT and self-paced learning to foster employee learning and boost employee performance.

The following chart extracted from the report explains the shift to online learning better.

60% of employees globally believe that learning makes them more capable of adapting to change.

2021 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report

So, the impetus is on business leaders and L&D teams to sit together and chart out a proper plan that can help them educate their employees, reskill them, motivate them to work better, and retain talented employees within the organization.

The points cited above based on data provided in the LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report and our interpretations of the same make it clear that virtual instructor-led training programs are going to play a key role along with other eLearning models and delivery methods to boost employee learning and performance at the workplace. 

Sales Training Program in Virtual Instructor-Led Training Format 

In this section, you will be able to view how a sales training program receives a new lease of life when it is converted from a regular bare-bones instructor-led training program to an interactive virtual instructor-led training solution.

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A basic template-based slide has been enhanced with a video and a set of stories that are neatly arranged and supported by relevant icons that prompt the learner to click and read them. An assessment to measure the effectiveness of the training content and a “social” section that allows comments and discussions also enhance the learning experience. This clearly demonstrates how visual appeal and user-friendliness can play a key role in motivating learners to sign-up and complete a learning module.

Using Virtual Instructor-Led Training to Foster Employee Learning and Boost Employee Performance


At Origin, we have helped a wide variety of different companies across industries to rise up to the challenges posed by the pandemic. From creating self-paced learning solutions from scratch to rejuvenating existing template-driven ILTs and converting them into engaging and interactive virtual instructor-led training solutions; we offer end-to-end eLearning solutions. Not just creating and developing eLearning content, we also offer a state-of-the-art learning delivery medium in the form of our award-winning learning experience platform – Origin Fractal LXP. Please write to us at with your requirements and our team will get in touch with you. Let us make learning great again with engaging, effective, and result-oriented eLearning that motivates your employees to work better.

Using Virtual Instructor-Led Training to Foster Employee Learning and Boost Employee Performance
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Using Virtual Instructor-Led Training to Foster Employee Learning and Boost Employee Performance
Using virtual instructor-led training to ensure continuous employee learning and boosting employee performance in a post-pandemic world.
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