The Role of Mobile Learning in Overcoming the Challenges to Training of a Multi-National Transportation Company: A Case Study

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Mobiles. These small devices can fill huge gaps in training, and in ways that employees love and prefer. Geographical and time constraints become a thing of the past when mobile learning replaces the traditional learning methods. The need becomes more pronounced in cases where just-in-time performance support has a lot of value, like for technical staff. When in the middle of a job, employees are very unlikely to refer to any training material or even an elearning guide that requires them to get their laptops or PCs started. Put mobile learning into their hands, and the situation becomes so much easier. Besides learning at will, this also ensures retention of that learning because the employee directly learns a concept on-the-job and applies it immediately.

However, mobile learning has its own set of challenges until it is finally designed and implemented.  When we helped one of the world’s leading transportation company go mobile, it was proved yet again that the task is motivatingly challenging and rewarding therafter. A case study that captures the entire situation and the solution.

Mobile Learning case study

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