Making It Stick – The Art of Executing Scenario-Based Learning

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Workplace learning is an integral part of the growth story of any organization. If an organization is committed to developing the skills of its employees, it will have a positive impact on the mindset of the employees and help the organization achieve its goals. L&D teams that are tasked to develop eLearning for workplace learning face several challenges. In this blog post, we will list down these primary challenges and announce our webinar on scenario-based learning.

The primary challenges that L&D teams face are:

  • Identifying the right vendor to design eLearning
  • Ensuring that the eLearning content is engaging
  • Verifying that the employees receive role appropriate training at the right time
  • Checking if the concepts taught in the program are retained by the learners
  • Listening to learner feedback and updating training content appropriately
  • Demonstrating RoI on the eLearning created

So how does one ensure that all these parameters are met? In most cases, if you identify the right learning vendor you can be assured of quality eLearning content being created and delivered. Still there could be gaps between expectations and reality, as the final delivered output may not meet the original learning requirements. Among the different instructional design and content strategies available for creating eLearning content, scenario-based learning is a popular option.

What is scenario-based learning?

Scenario-based learning (SBL) is defined as a medium of teaching a skill using virtual, interactive, problem-based contexts. One of the easiest ways to teach someone a new task or skill is to make them perform the task several times until they are clear on how to do the task without any guidance. By creating a scenario-based learning program that simulates real-world learning scenarios, the learner is offered a chance to apply their learning. This boosts their confidence and improves the retention of learning. As a learning design strategy scenario-based learning is an excellent option that can be used in different training scenarios.

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Is scenario-based learning the only solution?

No, scenario-based learning is not the only strategy available to create high-impact learning. SBL works in specific cases and for specific target audiences. In our latest webinar – Making It Stick – The Art of Executing Scenario-Based Learning we seek to offer a clear insight on where scenario-based learning works. The webinar will be conducted on November 7th, 11 AM (EST). Your hosts for the event would be – Swapna Reddy President of Operations @ Origin Learning and Christy Tucker – Learning Experience Design Consultant @ Syniad Learning. The primary agenda for the webinar will cover the following topics:

1) Identify Benefits for Learners & Impact on the Outcomes

2) Is SBL right for you?

3) Using SBL to Create Training

4) Practical Tips & Techniques

5) Case studies


Sign up for the webinar. Look forward to your participation in the webinar. There will be a brief QnA session where you can post your questions and the hosts will answer them.


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