Redefining Social Learning in Organizations using Origin Konnect

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We are a learning solutions and services organization with a passion for creating innovative learning programs. Using a blend of effective and unique learning strategies, development methodologies and presentation techniques, we aim to improve the productivity and efficiency of client organizations.

Origin Konnect - Social Learning ManagementBeing active proponents of eLearning, mLearning and social learning, we are proud to be the developers of Origin Konnect– which is a next generation learning platform that promotes social learning in organizations. We work on the fundamental belief that learning is far more efficient if it is collaborative and informal in nature. With Konnect, your employees can learn and upgrade their skills anywhere, anytime.

Here’s why you need to try Konnect:

– Learn on the cloud: Our system enables secure, separate instances for every organization and it is completely hosted on the cloud. Learning on the cloud means no more complex installation procedures or versioning issues. So your employees don’t have to go through the hassle of carrying their data and software wherever they go.

 Admin & User Dashboards: Konnect provides separate admin and user dashboards. Admin functions include course creation, user management and multi-user reporting. Your users will have access to the front end learning content, while you are the real driver in the seat!

– Support for several course formats: Our system can support a wide variety of course formats including SCORM & AICC. Compatibility issues? Resolved!

– Social Media Features: With Konnect, you’ll be able to upload, view, rate and comment on images, videos and courses, establishing a feedback system that can be used to edit and enhance the learning experience. The USP. Your employees never knew learning could be so much fun.

– Social Analytics: Our innovative reporting algorithm monitors a user’s informal activity in the system and assigns unique metrics to track how much a user has learnt “outside” the course. Something that is sure to drive competency and motivation to learn more. And more!

– Extensive API & Plugin Support: Konnect offers robust API support that enables integration with third-party software as well as provide a means to develop unique plugins for the system. Everything in place to make sure you can Konnect well!

Sounds interesting? Well, some of the top Fortune 100 companies are already using Konnect. So if you want us to give you a demo, walk-in to booth number 509 at ASTD 2014 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre between 4-7 May, 2014, and walk-out with a whole new perspective of developing your staff, employees and managers. Start Konnecting!

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