Origin Learning Wins Gold at the Coveted Brandon Hall Technology Awards 2017

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Origin won the gold award for designing an interactive video simulation for one of our marquee clients, under the “Best Advance in Sales Enablement and Performance” category. Every organization looks for compelling sales training content that is simple, effective, and drives business outcomes. Our client – a leading cloud and virtualization software company wanted us to enhance their existing instructor-led training program to an interactive training program for its sales force that is spread across the globe. This program aimed to address a critical gap, which is to train the sales force to identify and apply the right actions and behaviors in a real-life conversation using a simulated sales environment.

Powering Sales Training with a Novel Solution

Origin designed a novel solution that presented real sales scenarios to train the organization’s global sales and partner teams identify a customer’s most critical business issue and communicate how its products help resolve that issue. The solution allows the learners to interact with the video at every step of the sales process and receive context-specific feedback helping them identify, practice, and fine-tune appropriate behaviors. It also helped them identify ineffective behaviors and correct them.


Maximizing Learner Engagement

The Origin team chose to go ahead with ‘Interactive Video Simulation’ as a key component of our design approach. Videos are immediate attention-grabbers, improve retention of learning, and deliver a consistent message by striking a personal connection with the learner. We added the interactive element to the video to transform a regular video experience from a monologue to a dialogue. The user-friendly interface of the simulation is designed to enable learners to “Mark” any behaviors as appropriate, neutral, or inappropriate by selecting a suitable smiley icon. Learners can also indicate the reasons why a certain behavior is appropriate, neutral, or inappropriate. Learners can choose to provide their feedback at any point of the sales discussion or select a specific step to provide their feedback.

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Enhancing Sales Effectiveness

The Interactive Video Simulation address a critical gap in the digital learning paradigm. While the steps in a sales process can be taught in a digital course, it is difficult to teach how to implement those steps while making a sale in real life – where the flow of events is continuous and not controlled. The Interactive Video Simulation addresses this gap using the experiential process of learning. By watching a simulated sales discussion between a customer persona and a sales representative, learners got the opportunity to experience the challenges that they may face in their own sales conversations. Encouraging the learners to evaluate an on-going sales conversation and share their feedback on the representative’s sales acumen helped them analyze the effective/ineffective behavior patterns from a real-life perspective. It enabled them to internalize the main talking points or focus areas that can win the sale and incorporate them into their own sales conversations.

The simulation made them more confident in meeting the demands of a dynamic business environment and helped them to Sell More, Sell Smart, and Sell Now!

Interested to roll-out an interactive video simulation training for your sales force? Write to us at info@originlearning.com.


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