Origin Learning at mLearnCon 2015

This is an exciting time for mobile learning. New trends are already taking shape, the need for smartphones and tablets is fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, and instructional designers and content developers are busying themselves in exploring new ways to use the mobile device for learning.

Mlearncon 2015 mLearnCon 2015 is all about mobile learning– the much awaited conference and expo is here to take mLearning to the next level.  The ever-present availability of information, combined with the contextual awareness these devices provide, enable us to learn and receive support whenever we need it, wherever we are. mLearnCon 2015 focuses on applying mobile technologies in the context of learning and performance support, the strategies for integrating these technologies into the training mix, and the best practices for designing, developing, and delivering mobile content. The event will be held in Austin, Texas on 10-12th June, 2015.

Headlining this year’s mLearnCon are three inspiring general sessions that will expand our thinking about the potential of mobile technologies for workplace learning. The focus of these will be to discover changing meaning of mLearning in a networked-community age. The sessions will be conducted by –

  1. KEN JENNINGS – All-time Jeopardy! Champion and Author
  2. ALLISON CERRA – Technology and Marketing Expert
  3. A panel consisting of: Megan McKee, Rent-A-Center; Frank Nguyen, Sears Holding Corporation, Allison Rossett, Allison Rossett& Associates; Geoff Stead, Qualcomm

More than 100 jamming sessions, many of them running simultaneously will see industry experts, peers discuss real world mobile strategies, case studies, ideas, information, and best practices on the following topics –

  • Development
  • Instructional Design
  • Performance support
  • Games and Gamification
  • Management
  • Strategy
  • Getting started
  • Media
  • Tools

Being passionate about mobile learning, we are truly excited to announce our participation in mLearnCon 2015.The Origin Learning team will be represented by our Founder and CEO, Harikumar and his team at Booth 409. The team will be available for consultation and discussion about our innovative range of technologies and solutions for enterprise learning. Please visit http://www.originlearning.com/origin-learning-at-mlearncon-2015/ for more information and to book an appointment with us in advance.

See you in Texas!

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