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The term ‘extended enterprise learning’ assumes significant value in the current business scenario. The past decade has seen the rise of SaaS-based companies and innovative product-driven startups that seek to gain new customers through sales and channel partners. In this blog post, we focus on why organizations need to invest in extended enterprise learning and how it can help them boost profitability.

What is Extended Enterprise Learning?

Extended enterprise learning can be defined as any targeted learning/training created for an organization’s non-employees or ‘external audience’. This includes a diverse audience comprising prospects, existing customers, channel partners, and licensed vendors/resellers. To summarize, anyone who is outside the ambit of your organizational structure and office and needs to be educated about your product or service comes in the purview of extended enterprise learning.

Extended Enterprise Learning

Points to Ponder

First run an audit and finalize what is it that you wish to share and help train your intended target audience. Cross-check if your existing LMS is sufficient to train your partners and if you can set up a dedicated learning resource-center for them that’s independent of your core employee-focused learning system. Do you intend to monetize your training? Does your training strategy involve the delivery of learning nuggets via dedicated mobile apps?

These are some of the key questions to which you need to find answers before you start on your extended enterprise learning plans.

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Business Impact

Consider this scenario – An organization has developed an innovative new file-compression and transfer solution that works 25% better than existing products in the market and is priced 20% lesser than market-leaders. Mere digital promotions of the product are not going to be sufficient to build the business and gain new customers. Adequate training content/videos that educate potential users about the benefits of the product should be easily available and designed in a way that everyone understands the benefits of the product with ease. This is not just restricted to products/services in the software industry. Look at core engineering products, specialized equipment that’s sold at a premium cost by franchisees and dealers. It is important that these re-sellers are educated about the product and are able to answer questions posed by potential buyers with ease.

To summarize, do not look at extended enterprise learning as an additional cost. Consider it as an investment that helps you reap monetary benefits and lets you grow your customer base in the long run and drives profitability for your organization.

Konnect 3.0 – Enabling Extended Enterprise and Customer Education

At this year’s prestigious ATD International Conference and Exposition in San Diego. We are launching Konnect 3.0 – a learning system for the extended enterprise and customer education. It is secure, cloud-based, marketplace-ready, and one of the few mobile-first learning systems available in the market. We are exhibiting at Booth #440 and will be offering a quick demo to interested visitors.

How Konnect Empowers You

Here’s a quick glimpse of what you can do with Konnect 3.0:

  • Create a personalized marketplace to host and monetize your content
  • Run customized Learning programs targeted at your customers and channel partners
  • Experience the power of TinCan/xAPI-enabled tracking
  • Improve learner retention with spaced and repetitive learning
  • Experience intuitive design and features that improve learning effectiveness
  • Enable secure and reliable hosting on the AWS cloud
  • Facilitate scalable learning
  • Pay as you use and scale up as you enroll more learners
  • Deliver true on-demand learning via dedicated Android and iOS apps
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To learn more about Konnect 3.0 – visit our website –

For more information about Konnect 3.0 write to us at and let us help you on your extended enterprise learning journey.


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