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The role of e-learning in this modern world is extremely commendable. On one hand, this rapidly growing trend of providing knowledge through online tools and techniques has received a lot of acclaim, whereas, on the other hand it has been facing a lot of flak because many students nowadays feel that e-learning has become boring.

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To put an end to this boredom which is fast-growing among e-learning students, certain points listed below need to be kept in mind, developed and brought into practice:

  • To engage the audience, different methods such as the social media and games should be introduced for providing education. The social factor in e-learning is extremely important as it provides a sense of community.
  • You can create a list with the e-mails of all the participants so that they can keep in touch with one another all the time. A group can be started on exclusive Learning Management Systems like Origin Konnect which will help the participants check with one another for clarifying doubts or sharing new information. Additionally, a blog can also be started where the students can discuss on various topics, post questions, answers and comments on various issues.
  • Powerpoint presentations in e-learning classes have become very clich├ęd. So, they should be avoided to the maximum. Showing information on screen with the use of bullets and just reading the text verbatim to the students is equally boring.
  • Introduction of cartoons, graphics, characters and videos is another very classy approach to making your e-learning classes a more enjoyable experience for the students.
  • Mobile learning has also become extremely popular nowadays with many new smartphones coming into the picture. Since the mobile is handy, the participants can have access to the educational content at any place and at any time according to their convenience.
  • Many e-learning companies have introduced games which will enhance the learning experience and engage the students. The concept of gamification has taken off and this induces an element of fun while learning.
  • Demonstration of the knowledge that is imparted is another important factor. Participants want to know examples of where and how this knowledge will come into use in practicality.
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With the use of these tools and techniques, the corporate learners will long to enter an e-learning classroom. When learning becomes interesting, there is an increase in participation by employees and thus the knowledge of the employees grows. This can have a big positive impact on the bottom line of companies.


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