Leveraging AR to Improve Employee Engagement

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In an earlier blog post, we showcased how organizations are offering their employees an interactive onboarding experience with Mixed Reality. As the cost of implementing AR and VR solutions decreases and access to affordable and reliable smartphones improves; more organizations are adopting AR and VR in their workplace learning solutions. At Origin, we have literally been at the forefront of the AR and VR revolution in the eLearning space. When others were still experimenting with concepts, we went ahead and built a VR-enabled learning solution for one of the world’s biggest engineering and transport companies.

Leveraging AR to Improve Employee Engagement


Origin Fest

Work always takes precedence, but we also know how to mix fun with work. The Origin Fest is our annual employee engagement event that ends with a day-out for all staff culminating a month’s worth of fun-filled games. Every year the staff-members are divided into four participating teams and events are scheduled to be held on weekends and in the evening post-work hours. Be it sports like cricket and volleyball, art and vegetable-carving, or dance and music; there are numerous events designed to cater to the varied interests of our strong, diverse, and growing Origin Family.

Origin Fest 2018

The teams for this year’s event are innovatively named:

Team A – Adayalam (Identity)

Team B – Chennaivasi (Chennai-citizen)

Team C – Chakravyuh (Named after a battle strategy from the ancient Indian epic – ‘Mahabharata’)

Team D – Mayans 2.0 (Named after the ancient South American civilization)

With each team promoting its theme and logo, Team Mayans 2.0 decided to go ahead with an interesting promotional campaign to create a buzz around their team. They decided to create an AR experience app that would allow users to learn more about the ancient Mayan civilization. A Mayan ziggurat was chosen as the fulcrum around which the experience was designed. Starting with a ziggurat made from cardboard and thermocol, the team then decided to rope in the help of Sarath and his team of animation artists to create the AR experience app. The result is here for everyone to see. Download the app from here and scan the image embedded below to experience a fascinating learning journey.

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Once the 3D virtual reality experience starts, you will be able to explore the ziggurat. There are nine specific hotspots and on tapping each hotspot, you will gain insight into a facet of Mayan culture in the form of a learning nugget.  What started as a branding exercise for an internal employee engagement event is testimony to our expertise in designing creative and ‘out-of-the-box’ bite-sized learning experiences.

As organizations look to battle attrition and retain talent; what are you doing differently to retain your best employees?

Research by LinkedIn proves that organizations that foster learning and give their employees a chance to learn new skills are happier places to work. Such organizations retain good talent and gain the trust of their employees who are aligned to the organization’s business plans.

At Origin, we are well-versed in creating innovative mobile apps and implementing VR and AR experiences within workplace learning and employee engagement solutions. Write to us at info@originlearning.com, if you are looking for a dependable and trustworthy eLearning technology and content partner to help fulfill your learning requirements.


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