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Learning experience through books is now considered a bit passé. In today’s fast-paced world, day-to-day chores have been simplified by the Internet. Similarly, the learning experience is now no longer confined to a classroom. Learners can access information during any time of the day and in any part of the world.

Online learning has evolved significantly in the past decade. From clunky old desktops and bulky laptops, a significant portion of learning at the modern workplace has shifted to the smartphone. It is also vital to track and record the learning experience of each learner, to gauge the effectiveness of the learning course, and to measure the knowledge gained by the learner. Learning at the workplace comprises both formal and informal learning. Learning Management Systems track formal learning, but informal learning is not tracked by these systems.

Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) offer an enhanced learning experience, facilitate just-in-time learning, and allow organizations and learning administrators to track both formal and informal learning with ease. LXPs offer employees or learners in a common group a customized learning experience.

A personalized and a social connection on a learning platform will create an interest in the employees to establish peer connections in the organization, and motivate the employees in knowledge sharing, and in skill development. LXP creates a knowledge sharing base for employees in the organization.  A personalized learning experience aids the learner in retaining the knowledge acquired.

Let’s look as how LXPs offer a sustainable solution for an enhanced learning experience.

  • In mandatory circumstances, employees are asked to complete specific courses assigned by the L&D or Management team. This restricts learners in selecting what they wish to study. LXPs offer employees the option to choose what they want to study. Moreover, employees can add or create content and share learning resources with peer learners.
  • Learning Administrators supervise the functioning of the LMS by creating and curating content. In such a learning platform, there’s no scope for learners to create and add content. LXPs offer the flexibility of being a learner-focused learning solution, which allows learners and subject matter experts to contribute new content and provide references to additional learning resources. This creates a truly unique and collaborative learning experience.
  • Besides, knowledge-sharing and skill development, the prime focus of any learning platform is to create a positive and measurable impact on business. Over the years different learning management systems have evolved to offer a multitude of features. But the truth remains that still organizational learning that primarily comprises compliance training and specific skill-based courses is still considered a chore. In many instances, it is out of sheer mandatory compliance, that employees take up courses via the company LMS.
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LXPs offer a refreshing change instead of by presenting learning content in an interesting and engaging way, ably supported by microlearning and videos. With dedicated dashboards to track learner progress and measure the effectiveness of learning, powerful LXPs are sure to change the way we look at modern workplace learning.

  • A peek into stats data, emphasizes the need for training or work-based learning in an organization.
  • Morgan McCall, Michael M. Lombardo, and Robert A. Eichinger researched the progression of successful managers. The research concluded that 70% of learning comes from on-the-job experience. 1According to the Association for Talent Development (ATD), organizations that provide training programs for the employees, reap 24% higher profit margin than organizations that invest less on training.
  • Revamping the LMS to update learning paths and add new features is a time-consuming task, as it would not meet the immediate demands of the organization. Whereas, the learning needs of an organization are not constant and change on a regular basis. LXPs address this problem by enabling easy deployment, quick addition of new content, and seamless integration with existing learning platforms.
  • With the twin challenges of dipping attention spans and the paucity of time, creating lengthy learning modules is a strict nay-nay. Information shared in bite-sized nuggets, coupled with fun exercises, create an interest in the course, and help learners retain knowledge. Microlearning experiences motivate learners to be active participants and complete the course. Learner engagement ensures that employees learn better, remember more, and learning gaps are bridged easily. LXPs are designed to be secure, powerful, and future-ready.
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In a nutshell, LXPs offer:

  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Evidence-based learning
  • Microlearning support
  • Employee/Learner-centric learning
  • Knowledge sharing & skill development capabilities

The demographic change in the modern workforce powered by millennials who are more adept at using technology and prefer digital learning is fueling the growth of LXPs. Gamification, social learning, AI and data-powered course recommendations are some of the features that different LXPs are working on to offer both organizations and employees a wholesome learning experience.

Editor’s Note:

[bctt tweet=”The year 2019 is going to be a truly remarkable year for eLearning as LXPs become more mainstream and different companies will come out with their own version of a platform or solution that mimics an LXP.” username=””]

As predicted by leading industry-experts like Josh Bersin, the year 2019 is going to be a truly remarkable year for eLearning as LXPs become more mainstream and different companies will come out with their own version of a platform or solution that mimics an LXP. Hence rest assured that learning experience platforms are truly a sustainable learning solution and in the subsequent years they will evolve to include more features and integration capabilities and offer a seamless learning experience.

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