Konnect 3.0 Launch at ATD-2018 – Announcement

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Origin Learning is proud to be an exhibitor at the ATD International Conference and Exposition in San Diego. We are launching Konnect 3.0 – a learning system for the extended enterprise and customer education. It is secure, cloud-based, marketplace-ready, and one of the few mobile-first learning systems available in the market. Visit us at Booth#440, interact with our team, and take part in a contest that lets you win free trial licenses, which help you explore Konnect 3.0 to your heart’s content. If you are attending the ATD Conference this May, do drop by at Booth#440 for a quick demo of Origin Konnect 3.0. It would be great to speak to you and understand your extended enterprise learning requirements.

 Konnect 3.0

Our Journey to Konnect 3.0

Origin has helped several companies find and deploy the right learning system for their needs. Several organizations also look for an easy-to-deploy solution to train their customers, channel partners, and end-users effectively. With learner attention spans dropping, it is becoming tougher to hold the interest of the learners and measure the actual effectiveness of learning that’s delivered.

The Product Engineering Team at Origin decided to build a system that delivers bite-sized content at spaced intervals that would focus on making learning easier and liberate learning from the traditional LMS. ‘Konnect 3.0’ is designed for organizations to foster extended enterprise learning, monetize training, and ensure channel-partners are field ready and customers adopt your products rapidly. Individual learning practitioners/providers can also use Konnect 3.0 to set up a learning portal with ease and use the system for aggregation.

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Delivering Focused Learning

Here’s a quick glimpse of what you can do with Konnect 3.0:

  • Create a personalized marketplace to host and monetize your content
  • Run customized Learning programs targeted at your customers and channel partners
  • Experience the power of TinCan/xAPI-enabled tracking
  • Improve learner retention with spaced and repetitive learning
  • Experience intuitive design and features that improve learning effectiveness
  • Enable secure and reliable hosting on the AWS cloud
  • Facilitate scalable learning
  • Pay as you use and scale up as you enroll more learners
  • Deliver true on-demand learning via dedicated Android and iOS apps


Did the description and the points listed above interest you? We have sweetened the deal for you by running a special ATD-only contest. Yes, a contest especially for you if you are looking for a powerful learning solution. Fill up a small survey form, collect your complimentary gift, and stand a chance to win one-month trial access to Konnect 3.0.

So what are you waiting for? Remember to visit us at Booth#440 at ATD and say ‘Hi’ to Vinok D’ Silva – vinok@originlearning.com and Shanmugha Raja (Raj) – raj-b@originlearning.com.

Vinok is the Associate Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Origin Learning. He has over 20 years of experience in Client-Servicing, Operations, Delivery, and Product Development in the eLearning & Publishing industry. He has been instrumental in setting up large R&D and product delivery teams in different organizations.

Vinok D Silva

Raj is the Associate Director of Marketing and Business Development at Origin Learning. He is a seasoned Sales and Marketing professional with over 20 years of experience, working in startups, small and medium enterprises and several IT consulting assignments with client organizations.

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 We hope to meet you at ATD-San Diego!!

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