Is Learning Analytics A Game Changer For Enterprise LMSs?

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If you have some knowledge about the current learning-scape as well as about what analytics basically is, you would have already answered in affirmative to the question above.

Learning Analytics, just as with analytics in business, web or healthcare, has the power to empower the people in the training department of your organization with the information they need. Learning managers no longer have to rely on making educated guesses to determine the most useful components of a training module. Incorporating Learning Analytics tools within your enterprise LMS does that far more easily and efficiently.

Is Learning Analytics A Game Changer For Enterprise LMSs

The eLearning experience is a series of clicks, navigation and similar such user interaction with the LMS. Learning Analytics simply makes it possible to aggregate learners’ activities and view them in visually comprehensible forms. For example, if your course has 5 modules each- A, B, C, D, E each with its own sub-topics like A.1, A.2,…, B.1, B.2,…and so on, you may be able to view which parts of your training content is being used more. You can also spot instances of correlation: for example, a lot of employees who read A.2 also read E.1. With Learning Analytics tools embedded in your LMS, it is possible for you to know who the most active learners are, what they read and how they interact with your LMS. Imagine how much more awareness it will add to your training department when they have to evaluate, measure or revise the training plan. Instructional designers too can get insights into how users are using a particular piece of content vis-à-vis the other, and compare different elements- like style of writing, page responsiveness, etc.


With a good Learning Analytics tool, you can track all of this irrespective of the format or device that employees use to login to the LMS. The retrieved data can then be combined in various combinations and presented as sophisticated and interactive reports, thus allowing users to cross-reference the data with other data sources within your organizations. With Analytics and Reporting APIs further augmenting the ambit of Learning Analytics, it certainly is set to be a game changer for enterprise LMSs.

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