Ingrain Immersive Learning…Get the drift?

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“Ambitious, Driven, Business focused, emerging…Professional and…Member | Available from Jan 2016”– these are compelling ‘characteristics’ of an individual, who knows the market forces and the power of the social media platform, to get to the goal envisioned and shared on a public social sphere.

Ingrain Immersive Learning for employees

The world is shrinking and yet expanding. It’s about how one chooses to perceive the ever fascinating developments happening at a pace that led to the coinage of expressions such as “business @ speed of thought” or “the world is flat”! Today, it’s a globe where connecting the dots is what matters most. Wherever you may be, whatever you may be, the power of accessing relevant data is possible in ways and means which would have been totally unimaginable prior to the information age, the digital age, the Bits and Bytes age! Oh, whatever you would want to define the space we occupy…the name to define the universal world that we all live in now has one common ringtone – Technology. It’s an evolving terrain. It’s the reign and supremacy of this powerful man-made creation that aims to harness the potential in diverse fields, globally!

Nature creates paths and opportunities for those willing to learn, seek, know, and share…and that’s exactly what the social media platform and learning is all about. The first movers, creators, adopters, and innovators operating in the social media hemisphere have either experienced the power that the medium offers or the potential it has to deliver. These first movers have either found their foothold or are willing to experiment so that they get to see outcomes that matter or make them matter. That extra mile to get an edge, the one that matters, is akin to separating the grains from the chaff.

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Facebook (FB) brought connectivity unparalleled, leading to a rising new class of people across the world.That was a decade ago. Its younger cousin LinkedIn was not far! Another innovative enterprise at work, that resulted in the birth of a unique yet diverse class of people, who use this platform to engage in conversations at a different altitude and latitude! Not the esoteric kind though! Look at its stupendous 8-year-journey in one country alone – the United Kingdom! From a start of 3 million users in 2009, the growth has been phenomenal. Today, in the UK, the LinkedIn user base is 20 million and its concentrated members are across 5 top cities, which include London and Birmingham.

Let’s change our viewing course a bit to accommodate thought and expressions that will make the content that follows relevant.

“Shak was an amazing mentor and advisor at Summly who helped me with product, investors and other key tasks. He was always willing to help out and provide honest advice when needed. Shak also introduced me to a lot of people I ended up working with!”

“Charles is a truly multidimensional leader. He combines intelligence, analytical problem solving, and business acumen with incredibly strong interpersonal skills to effectively team with and lead others. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Charles in several different group environments and I’m always impressed by his ability to pinpoint the key problems/goals, find creative solutions, and gain buy-in from all group members. He’s very effective at driving a group towards achievement while making everyone feel listened to and appreciated. His execution is flawless, and his strategic insights invaluable. Charles is the first person who comes to mind when thinking of a well-rounded, entrepreneurially spirited, strategic leader.”

Nick D’Aloisio; Abbie Vobes; Mohamed Eisimat Mohamed; George-MihailMandres; Richmond Amoah; Victoria Kongoasa; Rohan Arora; Kaelan Ong; Mollie Amkraut; IswaryaSundaralingam; Haydn Pole

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Hold on! These are the names that could well outshine the entrepreneurial czars – the Jobs, Zuckerbergs, and the Musks of the new age world…of course, their progress tracking by the social media meter will reveal more interesting data about what their future unfolds or will entail.For, the emerging brigade of GenNext has set the social media stage ablaze with their effective leverage of the social media platform. The individuals mentioned above have attained the exalted status of being the ‘Most Viewed Students on LinkedIn in the UK for 2015’.

So will you now agree that it is only natural that a viral platform like ‘social interaction’ be used to leverage another important element in our lives: “Learning”!? It need not be boring. Learning can be fun; engaging and making you latch on to it in a way that it gets ingrained in the system and not force-fed!

Time for a break! Shift the gear. Accelerate. Now, consider a technology platform that harnesses the power of collective intelligence! How enthused can organizations get about competency mapping? How interesting and challenging would it be for organizations (new or old) to deploy a social media platform for learning and development? If a diverse pool of a global diaspora can be available with one place to link, sync, and connect, imagine what the power of collective intelligence could be at workplace! How about tracking the learning meter on a frequency that can be progressive, predictive, and perceptive for enterprises? What about the experience of engaged conversations at workplace that can boost the productivity quotient of individuals at work? How about measuring the learning curve at the workplace? What if a product platform permits peer to junior and vice-versa linkage that elevates the learning experience? How will it be to use a tool that nurtures collaboration and knowledge-sharing at the workplace? What if mundane chats on social media can be transformed into conversations of learning?

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Are you longing to muscle up your learning? Then, remember to log on to ! Surf and search to your heart’s content. Konnect with us once you discover a reason compelling enough to embrace a social media platform for your learning and development, or allow us to suggest ways to boost your existing framework by adding the current flavor of learning! Get your family of learners hooked and addicted to learning that will chart out the win-win growth path for all stakeholders!



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