Immersive Training to Drive User Adoption and Deepen Product Engagement

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Concept is what is core to content. By that we mean the delivery of an output that can create or leave an ever-lasting impact on the customer. Concept here pertains to complicated technical scenarios and engineering environments that require core competence and suitable skill-sets. Let’s explore this a bit more if you agree that understanding of a concept can result in outcomes that are bound to at least meet expectations if not exceed them! For, understanding technical concepts can work wonders in creating a powerful and relevant customer engagement…

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Now, we all know that the car or any other vehicle works on the ECG or the engine, clutch, gear principle. Of course, not to forget the vital ‘brake’ component, that acts as the lifeline of any vehicle on road. Even for an aircraft, the engine is central to its functioning while other controls keep the air-borne vehicle on course. Transportation modes on land and air have been dwelt upon. Let’s come to water. Think of a ship and in the context of functions, anchor seems to be the first thing that comes to mind. But interestingly, that does not perform the ‘brake’ function of the transport mode on sea, right? How then, can a ship be brought to halt? Flummoxed?

It is the power of an impeller that is at work in a ship, though not as well-known as the ECG may be! That iron or steel or any other suitable metal fixture – the rotating component is what takes care of the braking operations in a ship! Aha! It’s as simple as that…

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So, understanding the technical concepts and functionalities of industrial products is key to creating role-based training content. Delivering role-appropriate content enhances product adoption. Origin Learning has displayed its in-depth understanding of concepts by developing learning modules with an immersive approach for a transportation conglomerate recently. A deep dive into the technical concepts enabled it to provide graphic content (solutions) using the 3D modeling techniques effectively. Origin has been able to go into minute detailing of the intricacies of the technical component functions and procedure which has made an immersive learning possible, besides elevating the user (learner) experience and deepen the engagement.

5 Ways to impart Industrial Product Training effectively

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Understanding tough concepts is critical to creating an immersive learning content for Industrial Technical Training.


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