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A group of budding engineers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) got to intern at Origin Learning Solutions. From the campus gates of the institution, this bunch of students got access to hands-on training at the learning-technology organization. Like the warming up exercises before the start of any game, the youngsters, who typically get turbo-charged, curious and excited like tech-geeks get the ‘hang’ of advanced technologies (virtual reality, simulated environments, social media), tested the corporate atmosphere real-time for the first time!

IITians winternship at Origin LearningLast winter, a team of five IIT students got an opportunity to intern at Origin – to take part in a real-time project.The group came to know about this ‘live’ project through one of their seniors. What this provided them was an exposure to emerging trends in the domain of learning and futuristic technologies. Call it breaking a pattern or the rigor of putting academic learning into practice for that’s what the young minds got to experience at Origin. The internship program enabled them to get hands-on experience in joint product coding and be updated on technologies used to create innovative and immersive customer solutions apart from getting mentored by seasoned technologists. They also learnt as to how to work collaboratively and how to handle long-duration calls aside from the many ways of improving user interface and user experience, with the aid of the latest web tools and technologies.

During the whole period, the senior leadership team members guided the students providing them with timely inputs. There seemed to be no desire to halt their quest to explore, experiment, and engage as their first ‘corporate’ experience has instilled in them the spirit of inquiry – the need to know more by putting out-of-the-box thinking into action and going beyond the academic world much ahead of time. For, they are raring to take up summer projects this year and charting out their own destiny rather than waiting for things to happen!

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