How about “mind games” and “virtual running” to stay in focus?

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Do you constantly look at innovative ways to keep your workforce calm, mindful, and happy? The present, as well as the future, is all about technology and how businesses are adapting to it. Virtual reality is a concept that has become relevant for different kinds of businesses. Imagine being able to track your focus component through a game! What if a game measuring the competency of a purely physical sport that requires tremendous endurance enables this kind of assessment? Games facilitate the “constant exploring of people’s understanding of the technology and what it might be able to deliver.”

Mind games and virtual running to stay in focus

Running to keep fit has gained such worldwide attention that efforts are being made to attain perfection in this “running” business. Haven’t we also read about CEOs and C-suite of executives championing the cause of marathons?

Imagine if, at your convenience, you could participate in a game that simulates exactly the same feeling that a runner gets on completing the marathon miles! Imagine doing that with no physical effort, with only an EEG headset that picks the signals of your brainwaves. The game enables the player to watch some free runners on a screen (whether your basic flat screen or plasma) while he/she gets into the concentration mode. As the player moves to different levels, his focus metrics are mapped. Consider this: “If the numerical value is above 51%, which is saying you have control of your focus, then it will show the narrative of the free runner jumping, and if you’re at 49% you’re not focused enough, so it shows the other narrative that was recorded where the free runner fails.”

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Karen Palmer, designer of the neurogame Syncself 2, has intertwined it with entertainment enabling the detection of electromagnetic waves and determining the state of mind of the game player! For more click:


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