How Emotional Learning Works Through Social Medium?

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Social Age Safari – now that sure rings a bell! It is the master brain Julian Stodd of Sea Salt Learning, who with his innovative methods to popularize a concept has kept the conversation on social learning alive and kicking! So, are you ready for the trending ‘safari’ that will draw many enterprises, small, medium and big, into the world of social learning? Remember, the creation of entrepreneurial wealth appears to be such an exhilarating and satisfying experience for millennials that it is social language which is at the center of ideation, innovation, and collaboration, shaping thoughts and actions! It is the excitement of working on newer technologies and the curiosity of unleashing innovative spirits that seemingly drive, inspire, and motivate the gen now and will continue on to motivate the gen next…

Caught your attention? Then, further proof in the form of the commencement address recently made by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg at the University of Berkeley sets the context, tone, and tenor for a purposeful learning, which can be scaled up to draw dispersed learners through a social fabric. For, that not only inspired but also engaged the new force of energetic and enthusiastic bunch of Ivy League graduates, who will perhaps go on to redefine business strategies.

Don’t forget that there is an appetite to observe, follow, and consume content that has struck a chord and resonates globally! It is an experiential perspective narrated in a language that is beyond borders,giving access to learning in locations where the technology medium is penetrating rapidly.

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That is what the global icon and the COO of the revolutionary social media technology platform Facebook has managed to convey through her purposeful yet heart-wrenching address streamed instantaneously. In such a setting, it is her choice of opening up on social media that has made her rational yet emotional approach a perceptive, progressive, pervasive, and immersive one.

So, isn’t it right to infer that learning itself has got an emotional connotation that corporates would do well to leverage? Or, would it be apt to say that the social medium is giving learning an edge that should no longer be overlooked? Social learning is a reality, as the barriers to explore, engage and connect have been broken. Traditional learning is staid and a thing of the past. To make formal learning sticky, the trick or trait is to embed the social learning module in the existing learning management system (LMS). This approach will act like an elixir to the skills training and development (learning) cycles of an organization. Sounds like breathing life into repetitive or monotonous ways of imparting training? That’s the power of smart and innovative technologies at work.

Now, imagine if there was a way to re-wind and hear the commencement address by corporate czars of the past or say, the industrial age or the pre-social safari period? Don’t you think that will resonate or influence the global workforce, which is keen to grab all the bits and bytes of learning coming its way? Look at the profound messages that some of the business stalwarts and influencers of the digital generation have managed to generate through their commencement speeches.

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Apart from watching global trends, enterprises can become aware as to how the whole ecosystem of social learning is unfolding and evolving as some lessons below from Sheryl’s commencement address will indicate:

  • Do not underestimate the power of social media
  • Learning can be fun, real-time and, immersive
  • Clicks, touches, swipes make learning impactful
  • Collaborative learning works
  • Visual appeal of content strikes a chord – video learning works
  • Corporate success is inspirational for learners across spectrums
  • What is said and understood is what leads to retention
  • Changing demographics – needs changing mindsets

If you were to check the post Customer Experience Key to Product Design on how a luxury retailer chose to expand the scope of its current LMS by empowering thousands of learners located in different parts of the globe, you will concur with the view that the interest in learning the social way is clearly on an upswing.

Technology rules – period! In a digitally advancing age, it is prudent for all kinds of enterprises to explore the available apertures of learning so that the lens of learning can be expansive and accommodative to keep pace with the learning needs of the smart digital generation. Today, thanks to technology and the rapid advancements in the digital space, access to learning and information that will drive the right conversations has been enabled.

A change of mindset is all it takes as only those willing to lean in and come out of their comfort zones will realize the social fitness side of learning! ‘Konnect’ with us for a demo!

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