E-Learning Tips for Motivating New Hires

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Training existing employees is extremely important for retaining good quality human resources. Competent employees look beyond just fat paychecks – they want a learning culture they can grow with. Moreover, continuous training ensures that the workforce is increasingly productive and business goals are regularly evolved and met.

E-Learning Tips for Motivating New Hires

Training new hires is all the more important. Even though your organization may employ the highest of standards in hiring quality people, the importance of training them shouldn’t be undermined. New hires must be ‘aligned’ and ‘oriented’ to help them adapt quickly to the organizational work culture. Induction training is one of the first impressions you make on new hires and it goes a long way in setting their expectations and commitment to work. Is the organization really particular about punctuality? Is quality a top most concern? What are the work ethics? How open can I be about my ideas?

These and many more questions run through the minds of a new employee and determine the level of motivation and commitment to his/her job. The initial training process is best done by an instructor/mentor who familiarizes them with the office, the people, roles and responsibilities, etc. The more you make employees feel comfortable by being ‘available’ for any of their doubts or questions, the greater is the level of motivation to perform to the best of their abilities.

Once the formal training has begun, e-learning can offer much needed support to familiarize new hires with tidbits of information that may be trivial but crucial in empowering them with wider knowledge to enable better decision making. Here are some tips on how e-learning can complement the formal training for new hires –

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Familiarize them with the LMS

New hires must understand the importance of regularly checking the LMS (Learning Management System) for updates and information. They must know how and when to take e-learning courses.

Easy updates

Small updates in the form of the company’s mission/vision, history, values and business model can reiterate information. Moreover, these updates are very effective in teaching practice guidelines, safety procedures, confidentiality issues, etc. which are too over whelming to be learnt and absorbed in single, long sessions. Such knowledge is best imbibed over time and little by little.

Embed videos from key executives

Videos where top management executives welcome the new hire, talk about the organizational culture and motivate him/her to be part of their shared vision and values, establishes a personal connection between the employee and organization.

Integrate How-to’s

A comprehensive list of common How-to’s are extremely helpful for building competency and confidence over time. These can be in the form of videos or blogs.

One of the most common mistakes after recruitment is bombarding employees with work and responsibilities without giving them the time and information necessary to adapt. A 3 to 4 day training and then extended support via e-learning can make a whole lot of difference to their performance, not just quantitatively, but qualitatively as well.

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  1. Staffordshire County Council are great supports of e-Learning. They are fantastic in promoting all its staff (existing and especially Newbies) on how they can access learning material. Their ICT Training Department regularly have on going ICT courses either at Staffordshire Place or out in the district. Their organisational culture motivates their staff and established a personal connection between the bosses and the organisation.

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