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Innovative Learning – Digital, Visual, Analytics, Social

Discover newer paths of learning, transcend to a newer orbit along with learning technologies. Get the right dosage from knowledge experts. With the world getting increasingly digital, visual, analytics, and social, it is time to watch, move, explore, and experiment in order to be attuned to latest developments!

Devlearn 2015In a digital era, where business transcends borders, the advent of next-gen forces businesses to constantly strategize to stay competitive. The skill gap is widening and newer technologies are a reality.

Origin Learning Solutions has the competence, the expertise, the drive, and the bandwidth to prepare organizations to fine-tune their learning framework. It has used the SMAC – social, mobile, analytics, and cloud-based mode of learning effectively by tailoring and delivering solutions that are relevant to roles and positions in organizations.

DevLearn 2015 (from September 30 to October 2) is an event aimed at allowing participants to explore the intersecting worlds of learning, technology, and innovation. The relevance of wearable technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and many more technologies in the context of learning will be discussed, debated, and assimilated while developers and other key stakeholders in the sphere of learning will find out what it means for them in their own unique ways.

Origin, a front-runner in providing cutting-edge learning solutions, is a key participant at this 3-day event. It has been delivering innovative learning solutions to corporates, including Fortune 100 companies. Its ability to explore and experiment successfully with emerging technologies is what enables Origin to connect and engage with its customers.

Booth #528 is where you need to be to have a firsthand view of Origin’s innovative capabilities.


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