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If you are an organization in the hi-tech industry, we truly know how always you have to be on your toes. Products in the hi-tech software industry may typically fall in the following categories:

Data Centre and Cloud Infrastructure, Networking and Security, Storage and Availability, IAAS, Data Centre and Cloud Management, End-User Computing, Desktop and Application Virtualization.

Technology is an agile market. New products must be released quickly that reflect the new and upcoming industry technological standards and existing software must be upgraded regularly. Not to forget the bug-fixes and improvisations that need to be done every now and then. Besides doing all this, an IT organization also has a parallel need to simultaneously create courses that can educate the end-users or customers about how to use these products. People must be explained why using a particular new software product or service will add value to them. Unless they see the utility of it, they wouldn’t use it. As simple as that. A lot of marketing and PR initiatives are also undertaken offer a sneak peek of what their products are all about.

Consequently, the need to develop good quality yet simplified training courseware arises. Very often, the customers need to be given ILT, video or lab sessions to enable them to use all the features of the software.

At Origin Learning, we specialize in this arena. Our experience in working with some of the best IT solutions companies has exposed us to the different possible scenarios and challenges that arise. Expertise in instructional design combined with the knowledge of subject matter experts has led us to a stage where we can rapidly understand your needs and develop high quality training content – be it from scratch or otherwise. This is done by accomplishing the following:

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Creation of a shared platform

Initial engagement involves creation of a shared platform to enable experts from both,your organization and Origin Learning to work together. Issues such as VPNs and tunneling are wrapped up quickly within a week or two.

Provision of human resources

From our pool of instructional designers and SMEs who have already worked for many IT solution providers, we create a set team which creates content to match the product offerings. You can reap the benefits of increased capacity without having to hire new people.

Extended solutions

Besides providing direct content solutions such as courseware, we also assist in supporting all the paraphernalia that goes around each piece of software. These could include template development, visual design, UI design, product demos and overviews.

The Benefits

Most of all, you can enjoy the benefit of rapidly launching products without putting too much pressure on your employees. We understand how vital it is for you to simultaneously launch a product and its training courseware; a goal that becomes much more achievable with us by your side. Other benefits include:

Increased capacity

We know the burden you face each time something new must be done. And hi-tech is our forte. Why not use it to your advantage?

Increased profitability

Faster launches mean more products in lesser time at a fraction of the cost that you would incur with our counterparts in the US.


Increase or decrease your workforce as your needs change.

Value-added services

Our constant exposure to different clients in the IT industry makes it possible for us to cross-refer value added services innovatively.

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