Delivering the Right User Experience

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Origin Learning was commissioned by a client to create a superior user experience to access training content for their learners. The client understood the criticality of engaging learners, and how an ideal user experience can go a long way. 

About the Client: A career growth platform for professionals, offering resources needed to develop new skills, increase productivity at work, and improve professional careers.

Client brief: The goal of the project was to redesign their platform; position it as a video-first platform to deliver bite-sized, skill-based content. To that extent, our client wanted resources that educate their core strengths and values to garner more attention. The homepage was key, and the design and interface should effectively communicate these objectives. User experience to access the training content should be unparalleled. 

With years of experience, Origin Learning understands the core of UX along with client’s branding requirements. The interface is pivotal.

Challenges: Our client used a third-party system, and the system came with its own limitations including a lack of customization and responsiveness.

Major challenges included understanding the third-party system in detail, learning the possibilities and limitations of the third-party system, and designing a solution that overcomes the limitations to achieve desired functionality and results.

Delivering the Right User Experience

What solution model did Origin Learning come up with? How did Origin go about creating an appealing and impactful user experience? What are the key areas that need immediate focus and expertise? 

Our success story has been featured in a blog on the acclaimed Brandon Hall Group portal. Click here, to read the article “Delivering the Right User Experience”, which provides insights and the specific solutions deployed.

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