Is Customer Delight your Goal?

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How would you feel if your technology talks your language? What if there’s a medium that can make you participative and groom you personally and professionally? What if organizations are enabled to come out of their cocoons? What would you do to ‘liberate’ yourself from the clasp of a closed environment to a world that is zestful, transparent, and collaborative? Remember, the choice and control is entirely yours! Sounds good?


Let’s dwell on the business situation of a large global luxury retail brand, which is growing at a frenetic pace. The primary task of the organization is to expand its sales force, which forms a bulk of its employee base. Effectively handling customers is the key and you will agree that it is a skill that takes oodles of experience and many years of practice to perfect. It is a craft that requires constant honing. Locational challenges came to the fore with stores in airports and cities not having a desk or a computer – a common retail business scenario. Note that a chunk of the sales associates are Gen-Y and millennials, not thoroughly enthused to follow a typical learning program!

That being said, what if there is a solution that enables a dual objective of capturing relevant data and measuring a learner’s progress? What if there is an easy and accessible way of using tools and technology that are available to facilitate a smooth and seamless communication channel through a collaborative approach?

This is what Origin’s Konnect – an innovative learning solution, deployed for this luxury retailer, offers. We have already shared a few posts on the success of the award-winning platform built to exploit the SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) technologies. Post-implementation, the device-agnostic campus solution bagged the coveted Brandon Hall award few years ago. If you are curious to get an in-depth insight, check out the success tale of social learning pay off.

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Wait a minute! The success story does not stop there! Are you ready for a sequel? Wait to read the concluding post on how a solution can not only liberate learning from a typical learning management solutions framework but also present a contemporary solution that is accessible anywhere and at anytime!

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