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Let’s start by presuming that your social learning flight has taken off. We are just as eager as you are to share our experience that could perhaps shape your learning curve. What if you had learning at your fingertips, quite literally? Imagine what the compelling ‘touches’ and ‘swipes’ could actually do to hook and keep your learners engaged! Well, that’s what the retailer, whose brand portfolio encompasses five pillars of luxury – fashion & accessories, beauty & fragrances, watches & jewelry, wines & spirits, and food & gifts, opted for!


Having already tested the ‘liberating’ quotient of learning, the retailer in this instance, chose a different flight path to empower learners…so that the delivery is contemporary, appealing, and irresistible! The sheer power of juggling and curating information of over 700 world-leading brands can be equated to the powerful hum of a car engine as you feel the controls in your hands! And, like the exhilaration one gets when the powered-vehicle vrooms, so too is the feel of tailoring service to meet the preferences of travelling customers across 420-plus locations in iconic travel destinations…

Why did the retailer have to look at one more dimension of social learning? What exactly were the new challenges?

  • Course ware that can be accessible anywhere and anytime even while on the move by a global audience
  • Ubiquitous access to web-based social LMS powered by Origin Konnect and enabling constant communication for employees
  • Can the daily experience of millions of customers be captured in a virtual delightful format? Transferring hands-on knowledge to a geographically discharged audience
  • Contextualize the current language of ‘social’
  • User-experience intuitive, contemporary, and in sync with social media (FB, YouTube, Flickr,among others)
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Given that the lines between formal and informal learning are blurring, the customer experience with the retailer provided Origin with a thorough understanding of the pain points. Not only was it an opportunity to ‘polish’ the platform by enhancing the features, but also an opportunity to win the customer’s confidence and trust as that is what a customer engagement typically should result in. Apart from the ability to foresee, it is an innovativeness that is required to resolve the dynamic challenges of the customer. How to make the learning engagement a more captivating and enriching experience? How could the platform be leveraged to ably juxtapose traditional and modern learning? Here is what the latest dimension of Konnect on mobile (Android or iOS)offers:

  • The mobile learning program includes both formal and informal content.
  • e-Learning courses can also be accessed using the mobile app as long as the content is mobile friendly.
  • View all courses available in the LMS in the mobile app. They can register for classroom training and receive notifications.
  • An integrated calendar is available to show both learning and work schedules. It takes the scheduling feed from the retailer’s internal app, ideally to encourage them to use the app on a daily basis.
  • Through the social engine, the employee can ask a question or share an idea and get immediate responses from fellow employees.

Sharing photos and videos from a mobile device seems to be a more natural behavior than sharing from a PC. A click is all it takes for a user to share videos and images with colleagues or specific groups.

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So, to conclude, who would have imagined that a ‘fuzzy’ experiment (given that the client had stated his new set of challenges) could embellish learning completely? Note that the attempt to disperse knowledge to shorten the decision cycles has been successful! For, the customer engagement began with an effort to do a ‘quick fix’ of the widening skill gaps given the much-talked about resource or talent crunch that enterprises are grappling with globally. Our ability to pick up and address the pain points of the customer has not only won the trust and confidence of the global luxury retailer but the mobile app of Konnect only goes on to reinforce the customer relationship through customer experience!


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