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Konnect- true to its name, Origin Konnect is a next generation social learning platform that helps organizations develop a training and development culture that literally “connects” employees as they learn. Many businesses today operate in multiple locations and often with different business segments. Expansion and growth strategies require them to continuously add people to their employee bases. To align new employees with the work culture and to get them quickly trained and adjusted into the organization’s business requires robust training that is comprehensive in its approach- it doesn’t just happen in chunks of classroom sessions or merely online lessons; rather it has to be one which is available all the time through multiple media.

Origin Konnect Social Learning tool for organizationsOrigin Konnect helps do exactly this- to make it possible for learning managers to deliver training to employees in multiple formats on a common social user dashboard. This social learning platform serves as a single portal for learning, sharing and collaboration which can be accessed from any device- smartphone, PC or tablet. The essence of such a network is collaborative learning– besides being a platform to deliver key messages from senior leaders directly to employees, it makes it possible to share best practices, success stories and lessons learned; and local knowledge from more experienced employees. The results? Many! The most basic being the nurturing of common understanding across the many global locations through a single platform, so that all employees feel part of the same corporate culture.

We’ll tell you how this works. Origin Konnect works by expanding the concept of the traditional Learning Management System features like course registration and course management to include collaborative features that encourage staff to form their own networks and groups and develop and share their own user-generated content. This especially strikes a chord with the millenials- who form the majority of the workforce in most organizations, and are typically young, trendy and stylish. Konnect appeals to this social-media savvy generation by understanding and engaging them in dynamic ways that are consistent with the public websites they typically visit. And since the content is PC as well as mobile friendly, you don’t have to worry about spending money on providing them with company issued devices; a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy fits in perfectly. Konnect does all-the back-end beautifully by addressing core issues such as:

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Creation of a distributed hosting model for videos and graphics: Ensuring the availability of high bandwidth and storage to cater to the requirements of rich media and graphics and facilitate a smooth access to the portal at all times.

Creation of a BYOD Open Device Policy: In case you don’t have a policy of supplying computers/ tablets to employees, a BYOD policy is created. Content is created using HTML5 to ensure that the user experience is still responsive and enhanced across all devices.

Creation of Social Media Policy: A range of review activities with cross- functional teams of business, legal and HR are conducted before the platform rollout. This is done to eliminate any doubts regarding risks, costs and policy changes and achieve unanimity among all stakeholders. Any change brings in resistance, and this step helps to garner enterprise-wide support by making everyone a part of the change.

Creation of New Interfaces: Konnect works on a common authentication methodology which allows single window sign-on, and takes care of any security and legacy system interface challenges.

The complete implementation of a social learning platform may be done in more than one phase based on the individual needs and concerns of organizations, but the results are similar. Konnect has impacted many organizations to achieve measurable increases in employee engagement metrics, instances of JIT training as well as improved delivery, tracking and reporting of compliance and risk programs. Moreover, the intangible benefit that companies enjoy is a happier, more confident and more productive workforce– the value of all of which combined is way more than they invest.

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Origin Learning is a winner of multiple CLO and Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards for consecutive years. Most recently, we have won the 2014 CLO Learning in Practice Gold award for the ‘Excellence in Social Learning’ category for assisting one of the world’s largest luxury travel retailers to meet its training objectives arising out of an ever-expanding global presence.

Time to start Konnecting!

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