Crafting the Ideal Employee Experience Journey

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The simplest definition of the term ‘Employee Experience’ is – “The sum of all experiences that an individual has in an organization from the time of the interview till the individual’s exit from the organization.”  Typically, the employee journey can be broken down into the following stages:

  • Sourcing and recruiting
  • Onboarding (orientation and initial training)
  • Granting of salary and benefits
  • On-the-job learning and development
  • Aligning with organizational goals
  • Performance appraisal and feedback
  • Granting of salary increments
  • Promotions and career growth
  • Retirement, termination, or resignation

Most often we observe that organizations tend to focus on creating a great customer experience but miss out on the employee experience part. In this blog post, we will look at the importance of mapping the employee experience journey and how companies can create a better employee experience to drive organizational growth.

employee experience journey

From Fresher to Skilled Employee

Campus recruitment programs are an easy way for corporates to hire young minds and train them to become successful professionals. The primary challenge that recruiters face today is bridging the skill gap that’s needed to transform young graduates or professionals with limited work experience into seasoned and dependable professionals. A ‘one-size fits all’ approach to training cannot always guarantee successful results. It is crucial that organizations invest in creating employee onboarding and new-hire training programs that deliver results.

Training Solves your Challenges

We believe that – ‘A thoughtfully designed training program delivered by a competent instructor can help solve most workplace challenges.’ Be it end-user training for a specific product or a carefully crafted onboarding program to welcome a new employee into your company – ‘Training Matters’! It is important to create positive learning experiences. Despite the growth in self-paced training programs, the presence of an instructor can really help an onboarding program succeed. The ideal employee onboarding/induction program should help the employee think independently and settle into their job-role with ease.

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Customer vs Employee Journey Mapping

By creating a great customer experience, an organization builds its brand-visibility and credibility. At each stage of the customer journey, when an organization provides a memorable and positive experience to its customers, the customers are more likely to adopt the product and advocate it as well. When an organization consciously takes steps to offer its employees a full-scale L&D program that helps them achieve their goals at each crucial stage of their journey; the employees are happy. Remember happy employees are aligned to the goals of the organization and will share the vision of its founder and drive positive business growth. All of this can work only when the very first key interaction after hiring – the induction or employee onboarding program is a success.

Success Story

Origin helped a leading luxury travel retailer rejig its employee training portal by deploying a powerful learning experience platform that helped boost course completion rates and improved learner engagement. You can read the detailed case study for more information.

Are you keen on updating your existing employee onboarding program? Or are you planning to start a brand-new employee experience program for your staff? Write to us at with your requirements and we will help you craft the perfect employee experience journey.


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