Common Myths about e-Learning

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Gone are the days when class room training was the only way to learn. Ever since internet came into the picture, people have gotten creative in various fields. Technology has revolutionized the way we are living and learning methods are no exceptions. e-Learning is a relatively new technology that started popularizing among education centers and students in the past decade. It is not just restricted to education centers but is now open to industries, software, business learning, etc. e-Learning is breaking barriers when it comes to knowledge sharing and is considered to be the greatest gift for those with a thirst for knowledge. Any new technology sows the seeds for hearsay and below is a compilation of 7 common myths about e-Learning.

Common Myths about e-Learning
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e-Learning is replacing class room training

This is the most common myth when it comes to e-Learning. E-Learning is made available for those who may not be able to attend class-room training due to various reasons. It, by no means, tries to replace class-room training. Instead it has found new avenues to cater to different types of student requirements.

e-Learning saves cost but compromises on quality

e-Learning is not just cost saving but far more efficient when it comes to reaching out to geographically diverse audience. True, it requires a good amount of initial investment but when we measure it in terms of returns and benefits, it surpasses the traditional class-room training. E-Learning is resource and labor intensive for both the institution that makes it available and to the students who subscribe to it. Though it is safe to assume that e-Learning is more economically viable than the other conservative methods, it definitely does not compromise on quality of education it provides.

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e-Learning is just for information technology

Another common myth about e-Learning is that it is only for information technology related learning. This, however, is not true. E-Learning material can be made available for all kinds of fields starting from anthropology to zoology and everything in between that is there to be learnt.

e-Learning replaces the instructor

How do you think e-learning sessions are structured? Most of the sessions are designed to make learning easy for the students and a lot of these courses are instructor based. Though it mainly focuses on providing material to enrich the students on basic skills before they move on to class-room training, it also has options to include online sessions and online course management.

e-Learning is not as helpful as class-room training

This is the biggest myth when it comes e-Learning. On the contrary, e-Learning provides opportunities for employees and students to complete the course content at their own pace by being flexible and time-friendly.  Remember, e-Learning is about learning and not just clicking away the course content. There are sessions specially designed to test the understanding of the students and are as strictly structured as any other class-room training. Some universities provide the exact replicas of their on-site training on e-learning portals.

It is easy to create e-Learning content

False. Creation of e-Learning content is not just transfer of available material online. A lot of research is put into its structure and it is very diligently planned to cover all aspects of the course.

e-Learning lacks discussion and interaction scenarios

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False again. Every e-learning session is designed with an option for the students to discuss with the instructor or with other students, pose their questions and get their doubts clarified. Though it is not as interactive as a class room session, virtual learning portals are soon proving this notion to be false. There are several ways to make an online content as interesting as a class room session.

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