CLO Breakfast Club to impart awareness among the Chief Learning Officers in Chicago

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The CLO Breakfast Club is to be held on May 8, 2014 in Chicago. It is going to be a landmark event for professionals across the globe.

Mr. Sree Kumar would be participating in the club on behalf of the Origin Learning Inc’s team. Besides discussing the whole arena of Origin’s products and services, emphasis would be on presenting Origin Konnect– which is a next-generation learning platform that promotes social learning within organizations. Konnect works on the fundamental belief that learning is far more efficient if it is collaborative and informal in nature.

CLO Breakfast Club Chicago - Origin Learning
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In the Breakfast Club series, a distinguished panel of industry experts would lead discussions in cities across the United States about the role of learning in today’s dynamic environment and share insight into the tools, processes and strategies that enable learning to deliver a big impact.

Moderated by Kurt Olson, vice president of talent management and leadership development at Rush University Medical Center, the club will have a host of eminent speakers as well as industry experts to impart awareness about employees and their motivation in organizations. Not only individuals, but organizations as whole are bracing up to learn through the discussions.

This meeting is intended to empower Chief Learning Officers as more apperceptive leaders of their staff, employees and managers in facilitating a sea change in the way organizational learning takes place.

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