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CEdMA, the Customer Education Management Association, is the premier organization for training executives, managers, and professionals on a management path in technology companies.  CEdMA has scheduled its Training Leadership Conference at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee on November 13th and 14th, 2019. This conference connects members so they can share unique training industry knowledge, experiences, and best practices. An event that primarily draws professionals from L&D, Training, & HR; there are several interesting sessions showcasing innovations in learning tech and training.

In this year’s event, Origin is partnering with Cognitive Scale to conduct a session titled – Synergy: Driving collaboration to rapidly meet customer needs and profitable outcomes. Luke Twardowski – Program Manager, Training and Enablement @ Cognitive Scale and Shanmugam Karuppusamy – Senior Director of Technology @ Origin Learning will be hosting the session.


CognitiveScale is an Enterprise AI software pioneer that pairs humans and machines to bring practical, scalable, trusted AI solutions to life. Their award-winning Cortex software helps organizations deploy and manage their AI systems effectively. Cognitive Scale partnered with Origin Learning to develop product training content, which was deployed on Origin’s award-winning LXP – Fractal. During their session at CEdMA, listen to Luke and Shan as they take you through the challenges that they faced.

The key challenges included – creating content that would be engaging and effective based on the existing content that was available, using Fractal LXP instead of a regular LMS to deliver a refined learning experience, incorporating branding changes as the learning content was being developed, and ensuring that the deadline for deployment was met. Learn how with strong collaborative teamwork, and active discussions with SMEs and instructional designers, and a robust development team, engaging product training was created and deployed in record quick time. As learner preferences evolve, eLearning is moving to mobile learning or app-based learning on smartphones. L&D teams are increasingly burdened with the task of offering customized learning within a group of learners. Hence it makes sense to opt for an LXP that delivers role-appropriate, just-in-time learning with ease. Fractal works as the perfect learning platform for both extended enterprise and employee training.

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Some points of interest:

  • 40 modules of training were developed and deployed in three months
  • Virtual Labs or vLabs form an integral part of the training
  • Fractal LXP was selected as the training platform based on its strong framework
  • Content is easily accessible, and learners enjoy the intuitive learning experience
  • About 300 learners came onboard the platform in six months
  • Estimated projected savings on training is $2950000 for customers

All this and much more at CEdMA. Do try to attend the event and listen to Luke and Shan in person. If you are looking for a new learning platform to deploy your training content do visit Fractal LXP and reach out to us at info@originlearning.com.


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