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The human brain is full of mysteries! The Brain Boogie session by Dr. Andre Vermeulen, on Sunday, May 17 at ATD ICE 2015 was all about understanding this wonderful gift called the brain. Highlights of the session include “10 Brain Fitness Exercises to Rock Your Brain”. These exercises ranged from simple neurological relaxation workouts to physical brain fitness exercises such as brain gymnastics.

The Brain Boogie session by Dr. Andre Vermeulen in ATD 2015Developments in technology are causing our brains to age quicker, because we rely on our devices to do our thinking for us. Dr. Vermeulen suggested the following mental brain exercises to get oneself to alpha state and set one’s brain up for success. While doing hook ups, one must

  • Breathe slowly and deeply, OR
  • Release the tension in the muscles, OR
  • Recall a positive experience, OR
  • Listen to Baroque music, OR
  • Think of something humorous, OR
  • Hold the forehead tightly until the pulse is felt under the hands.

The essence of the whole session besides these exercises was that the more challenged a brain is, the better it works. Dr. Vermeulen also explained the electro-chemical functioning of the brain and chemicals that inhibit or promote electrical impulses between brain cells called neurons. He further explained how homolateraland bilateral states impact learning of individuals.

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