Video Learning Works for Government Bodies too!

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“A mind unfettered in deliberation,”is the motto of the 28-member nation body, NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The pace at which technology progression is happening globally, even ‘traditional’ and conservative organizations are keen to embrace and adapt learning ways that incorporate overall efficiency and effectiveness. So, it is not surprising that global enterprises are constantly on the lookout for effective channels that would lead to breaking down the walls of communication and building technologies and solutions to nurture collaborative efforts and engagement between people and businesses.


This post presents a view on how traditionally secure and globally-spread operations are quick to implement engaging technology solutions to “put people at the centre of collaboration.” In this case, a key driver making NATO choose a visual platform is to enable its “teams to meet in a circle to brainstorm, ideate, and solve your most challenging problems.”

More and more organizations are realizing that consensus-based decisions result in effective business outcomes. Therefore, deploying modern technologies enable connectivity across continents in a way that impacts day-to-day operations. For large organizations with global footprints, it is the ease of operations as much as the comfort level of communications that are paramount. Turnaround time, ability to take quick decisions and the manner in which the communication channels work are what determines the success of enterprises. Having said that, the new ways of working, open office environment, relaxed meetings, and a comfortable ambience to facilitate the decision-making process is what seems to work everywhere.

Why video learning?

Consider the 5-decade-old NATO! When it comes to driving negotiations between such large and diverse set of nations, it is interesting to note that the video mode of learning works! Implementation of virtual meeting rooms is not only making collaboration easier but it is proving to be more efficient and less costly. What can be more exciting than the prospect of knowing each other’s body language by using the ‘seeing’ technique? Therefore, effective communication is possible owing to deployment of video technology!

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Look at some eye-popping statistics: 6 billion hours of YouTube content is consumed globally every month and 50% of traffic on cell phones and tablets is video. Now, note that 98% of organizations are ready to use video as part of their digital learning strategy this year! Check out this video learning infographics for more on the rationale behind exploring the video mode of learning.

Here are some features that seem to drive the demand for video-based learning:

  • Relaxed pace of interaction
  • Eye-contact
  • Sharing and collaborative thinking and working
  • Contributing to a better understanding as the see and know mode of communication is possible
  • Reactions based on interaction making conversations effective
  • Effective engagement level
  • Knowledge-sharing
  • Strengthening professional bonding
  • Ability to gauge body language
  • Trendy way of learning



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