Amazing Time to Be a Learner?

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Learning by seeing and watching is fun. Learning by following your passion and your star is even more delightful! That is what the 45 degree visual of America’s poster boy: the 28-year-old sensation, professional basketball player Wardell Stephen “Steph” Curry II is all about.


Having notched up several wins for his team in the National Basketball Association (NBA) games, Curry has also earned the ‘sharpest’ shooter tag for his remarkable ability to ‘basket’ the ball in games that matter. So, how about finding out why the arc in the picture can provide a learning curve for your organization? What can possibly be the linkage between Curry and learning? Before doing that, check out the visual below:


You will clearly note that these are fact-based parameters that seemingly define the conditions for powerful learning. These are applicable for schools, is what the TED talk by Will Richardson conveys, who has had 50,000 interactions before arriving at these conclusions. But this blog will show you how to connect the dots between schools and corporates, when it comes to learning! Did you know that at least 40.4% of the US workforce is in non-traditional ‘contingent’ jobs?

Blended, informal, social, or gamified learning is a choice that the learning organization can make. One thing is clear: traditional methods of teaching have to undergo a transformation if efficiency, performance, and competencies are to become the yardstick of discussions centering or veering around learning, work environment, and technologies.


Now, a comparison as shown in the visual will indicate the need to make learning engaged, immersive, and sticky! But how? It is about getting the right alignment…

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Time to pause and find out the ‘elephants’ in your organization:


Will personalized, self-paced learning or an immersive approach work?


Can collaborating at work be a better learning ploy? Is experience is the mother of all learning?

learning-more-outside of school

Mobile learning, build your own device, social learning, or virtual reality… what works?


Assessment-based course completion evaluation, time-constrained modules are pass…

The potential to learn

Potential to learn

state-what-you-belive practice-to-beliefs

Schools have started looking at imparting learning by using novel and innovative techniques: open colourful and vibrant environs, flexibility, collaboration, newer technologies and much more!




Are organizations listening?

By the way, Will’s son put a great value on Maths by pursuing his passion for basketball. So much so that he started hunting for statistics, predictive analysis, and thinking hard about numbers. All of that led him to dissect every possible aspect of the 45 degree Steph Curry shot in order to master it by perfecting the technique through practice that was an outcome of predictive analysis and immersive engagement!

After all,


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