How Does Watching Videos Improve Learner Engagement?

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A symbol or an icon that kicks in engagement and triggers excitement intrigues you enough to immediately rush to touch and see what unfolds before you. That is the sheer pleasure of engagement that video learning can bring among learners. The workforce profile is changing globally. The buzz is around millennials when it comes to recruitment, training, or planning the skill development framework. Universally, organizations are beginning to accept that attention spans are dwindling. The emphasis is on making learning sticky and absorbing. The rising population of tech-savvy individuals has created a situation where organizations are embellishing their L&D infrastructure. The need to test new methods to strike a better chord with the learners has resulted in tweaking, fine-tuning, and altering the way learning gets imparted. For, the thirst to acquire knowledge is more to do with the immediacy of a situation.Video-learning

Ever watched the in-flight safety process with interest? Despite knowing the importance of keeping ourselves aware of a safety routine, the on-board passengers tend to ignore the ‘boring’ experience and instead launch themselves into inflight entertainment or something else to keep themselves occupied. But what if one were taken through the rules and procedures by a popular personality or icons from sporting arena who any global individual can relate to? Precisely this was the theme adopted by one of the airlines which came up with an exciting and immersive video on in-flight safety operations. Indeed a novel way of engaging audience on aircraft!

Employee attention span is shrinking, lasting only 90 seconds. Research has shown that one learns better with short “bursts” of information in the form of videos, which signifies the way the digital wave is impacting work environments. Enterprises are laying stress on empowering learners and by allowing their workforce to use latest tools and technologies that will improve productivity and efficiency at work. While many of the learning formats have their own appeal, listed out below are 5 key advantages that video learning offers:

  • Blended medium experience – video learning in today’s scenario is more about choosing the place and time that the learner is comfortable with. Instead of a course being watched at the workplace, the development of smart technology and organizations’ readiness to embrace device-agnostic learning, empower their employees by providing them course content and training opportunities on the move. Access to mobile devices, tablets, and social media tools are bringing a new level of engagement among learners.
  • On-demand learning – video learning facilitates this kind of an experience among learners who typically enjoy the visual moving medium enough to understand better concepts that may be far too technical. The choice of time and place remains with the learners. The facility to pause and learn is an advantage that is possible through video learning. Also, courses that have been missed can get uploaded by those in charge of the learning and development thereby enabling learners to lay their hands on relevant training material from time to time. Of course, duration is as important as the content!
  • Micro learning – learners with short attention spans is a given today. Presenting course content in chunks enables them to learn at their pace. Video learning also addresses their quest to resolve challenges immediately or skill gaps that they feel has to be closed owing to a current situation or job role. A step-by-step approach is enabled in this kind of learning and the absorption is more granular or micro dependent on the knowledge and skill-sets of the learner.
  • Influenced and collaborative learning – learning by influence is what makes the video mode sticky and nuanced. It encourages group learning as the excitement of watching and learning together brings in the fun element. Also, when an individual has viewed a video course and feels engaged, the learner is quick to rate the experience good enough to share it with his group of people. This is the sphere of influence that a learner can have in video learning.
  • Stimulating and effective  Retention enhanced using video content, according to a Forrester report, is equal to 1.8 million written words. The stimulation that learners get through video learning makes it an effective medium.
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