5 Ways LXP Improves Workforce Productivity

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A productive workforce is the backbone of any organization. One of the first barriers to workforce productivity is the lack of coaching and continued training/education. To improve the productivity of your workforce, you must provide them with training that promotes fast up-skilling through an engaging and user-friendly learning experience. A learning experience platform (LXP), such as Origin’s Fractal LXP, is cloud-based and deployed through the internet to deliver a customized experience using social learning, milestone badges, and gamification, alongside personalized learning paths.

 5 Ways LXP Improves Workforce Productivity

Let us explore the five ways corporate LXP improves workforce productivity:

1. Improves Team Collaboration

Learning experience platforms for corporate training offer a user-friendly interface equipped with useful tools. The platform integrates user manuals, training modules, chatrooms, and collaborative tools.

One of the critical advantages of an LXP is that multiple teams and business units often employ them without interference with each others’ flow of learning.

The functionality of LXPs allows the training manager to deploy training for any number of learners in a team or department, communicate with or invite relevant members, set individual goals and learning paths, check progress, and track employee productivity.

Collaboration tools, in particular, make the lives of employees easier as they do not need to search for another platform to get answers to essential questions. Social and peer-to-peer learning allows employees to reach out to a coach or subject matter expert at ease. A forum for the exchange of tips and ideas can engage several participants in brainstorming sessions.

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2. Learning On-the-Go

Mobile learning is among the most significant ways LXP improves employee engagement. This key feature allows users to participate in training round-the-clock, with content that is accessible from anywhere.

This Flexibility can be crucial because employees are busy and always need to juggle their personal and professional lives. Extending mobility to training enables employers to enhance employee experience and can attract skilled talent to the organization while keeping the existing workforce happy. This survey by financesonline indicates that 58% of employees want to learn at their own pace.

For employees preferring to find out on the go, and LXP is a superb platform to make sure that they learn and remain productive at work too. With high compatibility for the numerous platforms and content types, LXP helps make learning incredibly simple. It allows employees to discover and use content whenever and wherever they need.

3. Delivers practical Employee Training

It is vital to provide training that is practical and relevant. Offering employees with constant training can boost productivity. It provides employees with the correct information and training for the application of skills that are necessary to become more productive. Consistent practice can overall improve the confidence to carry out tasks that can improve productivity.

Learning Experience Platforms enables training professionals to create several training programs and levels for every type of employee, be it a newbie or an experienced specialist, to refresh their knowledge of functions and processes. The technology makes it convenient for managers to grant access to each program only if the team or individual is prepared and has satisfied every pre-requisite course.

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4. Increases Learner Engagement

LXPs enable learners to navigate through the available content and choose what they want to learn about, based on their needs and the desired level of competency. This self-directed learning can lead to better motivation and engagement. 

The combination of personalization and social learning creates a learning experience where employees are empowered and engaged in improving their set of skills. It also makes for efficient use of training hours as employees can acquire new competencies through personalized learning paths instead of spending time mastering established skills. This bespoke learning experience increases employee productivity, satisfaction, work quality, and long-term knowledge retention.

5. Tracks Learner Progress

LXPs are primarily about adding capability. An LXP can serve as a cloud-based catalog for learners to access eLearning content—and managers can track completion and assess progress and performance. A learning experience platform can push corporate learning and performance support beyond the scope of the LMS, as learning managers can monitor and make inferences based on what other learning activities employees are engaging in and also track their progress, successes, and shortfalls. Tracking learner progress creates a healthy feedback loop leading to better content creation.

Unlike a traditional Learning Management System or LMS, Fractal LXP is built to fit within the flow of the work and can help employees learn better and improve their work productivity.

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