4 HTML5 Authoring Tools You Need to Know About

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You already know that elearning is inevitable if you have to keep pace with the rapidly changing business-scape which is consequentially evolving the way training, learning and development of employees takes place. Now more than ever, with the upsurge of innovative and intuitive technology coming up every now and then has seriously altered user expectations about device performance. This logically deduces the need for such authoring tools that can publish content that is compatible to the user experience that such smart devices deliver.

4 HTML5 Authoring Tools You Need to Know About

For quite sometime, Flash has been the preferred way of doing this. But with the coming of HTML5, browsers and developers of authoring tools have been working hard to catch up and provide the rich experience that is possible with this version. Here we have compiled a list of 4 authoring tools that enable smarter and interactive content designing and delivery.

Adobe Captivate 8

An excellent tool for designing gesture-enabled responsive elearning content, Adobe Captivate 8 has been redesigned to enable both novice and experienced elearning authors. The new version gives native support for HTML5 animations, allows for enhanced publishing and even more customizable smart-shapes. Just to mention, there’s a lot more to Captivate 8 than just this!

Articulate Storyline

With all the valid hype about interactive learning experiences, Storyline is THE tool you simply can’t ignore. Page objects come to life as different slide templates and more than 47,000 combinations of customizable characters help you author content that can be published to Flash, HTML5 and even Articulate Mobile player, which is a native iOS application meant exclusively for iPads.

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iSpring Suite

Everybody loves PowerPoint because we’ve all grown up with it. Which is why you’ll love the iSpring suite- it helps you develop impressive courses, quizzes, video lectures and assessments without any programming.

Lectora Inspire 11

The latest version of Lectora Inspire supports Tin Can API which means you no longer have to worry about the sources from where your employees learn. The new version also allows for editing of captured images- something not many authoring tools have to offer. The Social Objects feature is also what you’ll be interested in if you understand the importance of social learning in organisations, like we do!

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